Problem to be solved:

Reduced instances of slipping on oily walkways

Resources applied:

"Micromesh" floor gratings

Scope of work:

Delivery of materials and installation



Date of completion:

June 2019


During an audit at one of the automotive plants, we found out that slippery floors in passageways were a major problem. Slipping was very common there, so a decision was made to protect them with paper cardboard. We definitely do not recommend this solution, not only for ecological, but also for health and safety reasons. Oil-soaked cartons lose their properties over time and pose an even greater risk. In addition to slipping, people also trip over the "upturned" corners of the cardboard boxes.

The Evergrip removable floor grating system proved to be the right solution. The gratings are fastened with rivet nuts to special stainless steel slats. This solution allows the highest level of safety to be maintained and at the same time does not interfere with the floor. Wet and oily floors no longer pose a hazard thanks to the anti-slip aluminium oxide coating.