Problem to be solved:

Accident prevention at a workstation where there is a large amount of wax

Resources applied:

Anti-slip covers, with a gradation of 16 grains per cm2

Scope of work:

Delivery, removal of used anti-slip tapes, floor preparation including installation of Evergrip products


Automotive - delivery vehicles factory

Date of completion:

May 2019


The scope of work included tearing off the old, fast-wearing anti-slip fabric tapes and properly preparing the substrate for installation by cleaning and thoroughly degreasing the surface. An important element was the precise removal of several layers of worn anti-slip strips, and the removal of a layer of wax. The assembly site was a workplace where workers manually applied wax as a substance protecting vehicle bodies against corrosion. As a result, there was a large amount of slippery wax at the installation site, which was a major cause of slipping and falling. Once the substrate had been properly prepared, we secured the edges with "DDA Evergrip 250mm" covers in black with yellow marking of the level difference by painting diagonal strips on the corners of the angle brackets with resin. Using a gradation of 16 corundum grains per cm2, the product has been precisely matched to the character of the site, thus minimising the risk of slipping.
The proper selection of the solution to the specifics of the place allowed us to give a 10-year guarantee for the service performed, and with great satisfaction we can boast another satisfied customer.