Product characteristics:


handrail system


polyester-glass profiles made by pultrusion and TWS moulded fixings

  • 50x50mm posts
  • centre profile - square 50x50mm or tube 38x38mm
  • appropriately shaped upper handrail
  • grey
  • yellow
Assembly options:
  • can be fixed to concrete, steel, wood, asphalt substrates
  • assembly with screw and rivet joints and special adhesives
  • on-site installation with mechanical or chemical bonding
Additional options and equipment:
  • design services, drawings
  • professional assembly service

Product description:

Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin (TWS) handrails are ideal for interior, exterior and installation in aggressive environments where the presence of chemicals or acidic/salty air could lead to accelerated corrosion of metal components.

TWS guardrails are commonly incorporated into new build & refurbishment designs alike, they service life may reach over 40 years.

For safety-critical applications, products are available which have been tested and approved to safety standards BS EN ISO 14122-3:2001 and BS 6399-1:1996.

The guardrail systems are manufactured from glass fibre & polyester resins by a process of pultrusion.Associated fittings are made by a process of moulding using the same resin types.

Available in high visibility safety yellow or steel grey, the guardrails provide all the advantages of lightweight, high strength and durability, coupled with corrosion resistant, non-conductive, fire retardant and virtually maintenance free life.

Through-colour construction and an optional extra-durable polyurethane surface coating will result in an enduring, professional appearance and highly cost-effective when compared to stainless or galvanised steel.

The TWS guardrails provide for worker safety in a work environment e.g. factories, power plants, water treatment works, petrochemical plants and also have marine and railway applications, as well as can be applicable for the purpose of guarding around machinery etc.

The relative light weight of the product makes transport, handling and installation far less expensive than metal products.

Rails may be cut to size and partially assembled prior to delivery for immediate installation, or easily cut in-situ using a diamond blade cutter and resealed using an approved resin top coat.

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