Product characteristics:


Handrail Plus barrier


highly flexible synthetic polymer derivative

  • height 1100mm
  • standard modules 1500mm long
  • can be made in modules from 300mm to 2000mm
Available types
  • two-row barrier
  • three-row barrier
Available colours:
  • standard:
    black and yellow

Custom made:

  • yellow
  • grey
  • black and red
  • black and orange
  • black-luminescent
  • expansion anchors
Additional options:
  • a possibility to install swing and sliding gates
  • different heights
  • installation of a kick-plate
Typical applications:
  • separation of pedestrian and forklift traffic
  • prevention of access to hazardous zones
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Product description:

Safety in areas where both people and vehicles move requires strict regulations for traffic organisation and the selection of appropriate protection measures. FLEX IMPACT barriers are specially designed to separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic in areas of heavy vehicle traffic. It is a great alternative to less safe floor markings as well as it effectively increases safety in the workplace as the physical barrier prevents people from entering the traffic zone thus preventing possible accidents.

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Flexible safety barriers handrail plus - paper industry

Problem to be solved: Separation of foot traffic

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Flexible safety barriers handrail plus - paper industry

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