Product characteristics:


Flex impact traffic barrier


highly flexible synthetic polymer derivative

  • height 1100mm, 210mm, 400mm lub 550mm
  • standard modules 1600mm long
  • can be made in modules from 300mm to 2000mm
Available colours:


  • post: black or yellow
  • barrier rail: yellow

Custom made:

  • post: grey, orange, black and orange
  • barrier rail: grey, black, orange
  • expansion anchors
Additional options:
  • production of a multi-row impact barrier for particularly hazardous areas
  • production of corner impact barriers
  • stainless steel base
Typical applications:
  • separation of pedestrian traffic from heavy vehicles
  • protection of machinery
  • protection of materials
  • protection of equipment
  • protection of buildings
  • protection of particularly hazardous areas

Product description:

FLEX IMPACT barriers have been specially developed to protect infrastructure, machinery and people from collision with forklifts and other vehicles. They have been developed for use in high traffic areas. Tests carried out in a research centre have shown that the impact barriers even protect against a forklift impact with a weight of up to 3.5 tonnes (manufacturer's data tables). In addition, the substrate is not damaged by the fastening elements being pulled out of the ground. The flexible elements do not break and retain their original shape after a collision. Impact barriers are available in a modular system, so that they can be assembled in stages and can be expanded gradually. Mini impact barriers protect against light vehicles.

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TB550 flexible safety barriers - automotive industry

Problem to be solved: Forklift impact causes damage to walls and machinery in the plant

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TB550 flexible safety barriers - automotive industry

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