Product characteristics:


Flex impact goal post


highly flexible synthetic polymer derivative

  • heights in all dimensions up to 6000mm
  • widths in all dimensions up to 4500mm
Available colours:


  • yellow
  • black
  • orange
  • grey


  • yellow, black or white stripes
  • kotwy rozporowe
Dodatkowe opcje:
  • podstawy ze stali nierdzewnej
  • pasy w kontrastowych kolorach
  • czujniki
  • znaki
Typowe zastosowania:
  • ochrona bram i wjazdów
  • do zastosowania wewnątrz i na zewnątrz
  • ochrona przed uderzeniami wózków widłowych, ciężarówek i innych ciężkich pojazdów

Product description:

The impact goal post is a height and width restriction that prevents access by vehicles that are too large or driving in the wrong way. It also protects gates, doors, entrances and passageways from mechanical damage.

By using the impact goal post, you can provide effective protection for cranes, above-ground installations and other sensitive structures. The safety guard is made of a synthetic polymer that is characterised by high mechanical durability and has the ability to absorb energy during a collision, so the gate protects both infrastructure and vehicles from damage.

The safety guard is supplied assembled and only needs to be fixed to a good quality concrete base using the anchors supplied.

The design of the product is simple but very effective. The inner posts of the goal are covered with an impact-absorbing material and are attached to the base plates. The hollow plastic profiles are then placed over the inner posts. The yellow colour is highly visible to vehicle operators

The impact goal post is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant safety regulations and standards.

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