Product characteristics:


TWS access platforms


polyester-glass profiles made by pultrusion

  • type 1 – isophthalic resin
  • can be made of resin with higher chemical resistance
  • any, custom-made
Available colours:
  • standard grey
  • on request - in most RAL colours
  • fixing with screws and special glue
Additional options:
  • design and 3D visualisation
  • preparation of components and partial assembly in warehouse
  • assembly
Typical applications:
  • alternative to steel, wood or concrete components
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Product description:

Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin (TWS) access platforms are suitable for use in industrial and commercial spaces. They comply with standards such as BS 4592 and Eurocomp, making them an affordable and maintenance free alternative to timber or metal constructions.

TWS is ideal for internal, external applications and for installation in aggressive environments where the presence of chemicals or acidic/salty air could lead to accelerated wear of other materials. TWS components are commonly incorporated into new build & refurbishment designs alike, their service life can reach over 40 years.

Typical composite platform consists of the following elements:

  • Surface with open or covered TWS grating
  • TWS guard rails (with optional toeboard)
  • Posts
  • Frame and post reinforcement

Access to the platform is provided by:

TWS stairs with the following components:

  • Longitudinal stiffening elements
  • Open or covered grating stair treads, screwed
  • Handrail system (top, middle, optional toeboard)
  • Wall/floor supporting and fastening elements

TWS ladder with the following components:

  • Straight ladder
  • Safety cage
  • Safety gate
  • Landing platform
  • Wall/floor supporting and fastening elements

Available in steel grey, the components are characterised by low weight, high strength as well as corrosion resistance, non-conductivity and non-flammability. In addition, they are almost completely maintenance-free.

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