Product characteristics:


TWS stair steps


polyester and glass laminate

  • 25mm
  • 38mm
  • 235x997 mm
  • 275x997 mm
  • 235x1220 mm
  • 275x1220 mm
Resin types and colours:
  • isophthalic resin in RAL 7046 grey colour
  • isophthalic resin in RAL 6029 green colour
Additional options:
  • production of stair steps in any dimensions
  • production of stair steps in any colour from the RAL palette
  • production of stair steps with full edge in yellow colour

Product description:

Manufactured in a moulding process. The combination of glass fibres with thermosetting resin creates an extremely strong, homogeneous and lightweight stair tread.

These two materials complement each other giving TWS stair treads excellent compressive and tensile strength. The steps are designed for use in the harshest industrial and commercial environments and do not require time-consuming maintenance.

They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The carefully-selected resin can provide protection against chemical corrosion and harmful UV rays, as well as fire protection properties if required.

When removed from the mould, the walls of the gratings have a naturally concave surface, providing some anti-slip properties. These properties can be increased by adding a coating of alumina grains, which also improves the service life of TWS gratings.

The relatively low weight of the product makes transport, handling and installation much easier than for metal gratings. The panels can be cut to the required size before delivery or on site using a tool fitted with a diamond blade, and the cut areas then protected with resin or polyurethane lacquer.

On request:

  • Different types of resin
  • Gratings in any colour from the RAL palette

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