Product characteristics:


Floor pedestals system



Height range:

from 17 mm to 620 mm



Additional options:
  • height regulation
  • 0-5% slope angle adjustment

Product description:

Wherever there is a need to install gratings at a certain height above the ground, a versatile and high-quality supporting solution that is a floor pedestals system can be applied.

The main advantages of this system include the possibility of increasing the distance between the ground and the grating for the intended installations.

Fully adjustable
The design of the floor pedestal allows vertical adjustment in order to obtain an even installation surface between 35mm and 600mm with an accuracy of one millimetre. The pedestals can also be fitted with a slope adjustment, which makes it possible to solve numerous problems associated with uneven surfaces.

Water drainage
Thanks to their optimal design, the floor pedestals do not block any spilled liquid, which can easily find its way to inspection chambers.

They are made using the injection moulding method to achieve high accuracy and strength.


Adjustment range (with optional slope angle adjustment): 17mm | 28mm
Adjustment range (with optional slope angle adjustment): 35-53mm | 50-78mm
Adjustment range (integrated slope angle adjustment): 74-110mm | 100-170mm | 170-290mm | 240-400mm | 320-520mm | 390-620mm

Additional options:

  • Spacers
  • Rubber pads

Load capacity:
Maximum load per pedestal ≥ 1000kg

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