Product characteristics:


Anti Slip Tread Covers


polyester and glass laminate

Grit grade:
  • 16 grains / cm2


Standard dimensions:
  • 3200x350x55mm
  • 3200x250x55mm
Standard colour:
  • black RAL 9005
  • yellow RAL 1023
Fixing method:
  • polyurethane sealant putty
  • stainless steel screws, bolts and rivets
  • m-clip fastenings for moduled gratings
Additional options:
  • covers available in any RAL colour
  • an option to make stair covers with warning diagonal stripes
  • an option to make 2 mm thick stair covers
  • cut to a desired size

Product description:

Our anti slip covers are made from high quality resins and aluminium oxide. This combination makes for a highly effective anti-slip surface.

Anti slip stair covers have been designed to reduce the risk of slipping on stair steps and landings. The application of this solution guarantees permanent protection against slipping and it replaces the commonly used anti slip tape or paint more and more often.

The anti slip covers can be attached to the surface using a sealant, which will perfectly stick the element and at the same time seal the surface preventing the penetration of moisture and microorganisms under the panel. There is also the possibility of installation with stainless steel fasteners.

Universal character of anti slip stair covers

Prior to delivery to the customer, anti slip stair covers may be pre-cut to facilitate installation. The covers may also be cut to size during installation using an angle cutter with a diamond blade.

The anti slip stair covers have been designed to suit all types of surface. This product can be used even where the surface of the floor is damaged or not in the best condition.

Our stock ensures the constant availability of standard product types, which enables us to quickly fulfil customer orders. We also offer solutions tailored to individual requirements.

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