Product characteristics:


Anti Slip Ladder Rung Covers


polyester and glass laminate

Grit grade:
  • 16 grains / cm2


Standard dimensions:

we manufacture covers for all ladder rung cross-sections, both round and rectangular

Standard colour:
  • yellow RAL 1023
Fixing method:
  • polyurethane sealant putty
Additional options:
  • covers can be made in a full range of colours from the RAL palette
  • covers in non-standard shapes can be made

Product description:

Our anti-slip ladder rung covers are made from high quality resins and aluminium oxide. This combination makes for a highly effective anti-slip surface.

This combination made it possible to create a product with excellent anti-slip properties that meets the requirements of all industrial applications.

Anti-slip ladder rung covers have been designed to minimise the risk of slipping on ladder rungs made from metal, wood or artificial material. This type of solution guarantees permanent slip resistance, which performs particularly well in high humidity and icy conditions

The ladder rung covers can be attached to the surface using a sealant, which will perfectly stick the element and at the same time seal the surface.

Prior to delivery to the customer, anti-slip ladder run covers may be pre-cut to facilitate installation. The covers may also be cut to size during installation using an angle cutter with a diamond blade.

The ladder rung covers come in two standard shapes. We can also produce covers with different cross sections so that it is possible to adjust them to the required shape.

Our stock ensures the constant availability of standard product types, which enables us to quickly fulfil customer orders. We also offer solutions tailored to individual requirements.

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Anti-slip ladder rung covers

Problem to be solved: Slippery ladder rungs

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Anti-slip ladder rung covers

Anti-slip ladder rung covers

Problem to be solved: Slippery rungs of service ladders

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Anti-slip ladder rung covers