Product characteristics:


2mm anti slip floor sheets


polyester and glass laminate

Grit grade:
  • 16 grains / cm2
  • 24 grains / cm2


Standard dimensions:
  • 3000x1220mm grit grade 16 grains / cm2
  • 3000x1220mm grit grade 24 grains / cm2
  • black RAL 9005
Fixing method:
  • polyurethane sealant putty
  • stainless steel screws, bolts and rivets
Additional options:
  • panels with grit grade of 40 grains / cm2
  • floor sheets made in any RAL colour of your choice
  • cut to a desired size

Product description:

Secure and thin anti slip floor sheets

Our 2mm profiles are made from high quality resins and aluminium oxide. This combination makes for a highly effective anti-slip surface.

The 2 mm anti slip floor sheet (anti slip panel) is a solution that permanently eliminates the risk of slipping and very often replaces the commonly used anti-slip tape or paint.

The product is commonly used in workplaces - for their installation it is enough to use a one-component adhesive-sealer, which permanently sticks the element and at the same time protects the surface preventing the penetration of moisture and microorganisms under the plate.

Easy installation of anti slip floor sheets

Installation of a thin anti slip floor sheet with thickness of 2 mm eliminates the risk of slipping. There is also no need for edge milling, so a panel can be cut to any size to suit individual needs.
The board is made in such a way that it can be attached with adhesive to almost any type of surface. Thin floor sheets can be easily adapted to irregular surfaces, where thicker panels cannot be used..

Our stock ensures the constant availability of standard product types, which enables us to quickly fulfil customer orders. We also offer solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Evergrip projects

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Anti-slip floor sheet, anti-slip floor sheets

Problem to be solved: Old and slippery coating on the control lift platform

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Anti-slip floor sheet, anti-slip floor sheets

Anti-slip floor sheets - baggage sorting facility

Problem to be solved: Slippery levelling causes airport trolley slips and sorting line damage

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Anti-slip floor sheets - baggage sorting facility

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